GREAT PARTY IDEAS : Whimsical Puppy Party

I made the following party items for Connor and 39 of his school friends.  The brief was "My son loves Puppies' and the colour scheme; blue, lime green and brown.  I made Toffee apples as well with this order, what a task indeed, took me a couple of days to complete order! Connor was over the moon with all his party edibles and Mom was extremely happy!

@wimsicalcupcake #whimsicalcookies Name spelt out in Cookie Letter's
@wimsicalcupcake #whimsicalcake SHEET CAKE
@wimsicalcupcake #whimsical CARAMEL POPCORN

@wimsicalcupcake #whimsicalcupcakes CUPCAKES WITH PUPPY FACES
@wimsicalcupcake #whimsicalcookies PUPPY COOKIES
@wimsicalcupcake #whimsical #FREECAKEPOPS
@wimsicalcupcake #whimsical #DOGGYBAGS for PARTY LOOT
@wimsicalcupcake #whimsicalcakes 2TIER PUPPY CAKE

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