My Whimsical Madhatter's Tea Party

Ok, so this party has been months in the planning, I was so excited the previous night I could not was busy putting out tables and string's overhead for hanging the lanterns.
This was not a birthday or anniversary celebration, but our monthly 'book and hamper' club meeting with my favorite girl pals!  And I decided to go all out and do something different!
If you follow me on Pinterest, you'll also know that I've been PINNING like crazy on my Inspiration here: Pinterest Inspiration Board
There's some fantastic ideas you might find very useful, if you're creating your own Whimsical Madhatter's Tea Party!
Photographer : Jill Chen and Myself
Cupcakes, cake, cookies, chocolates and savoury treats: I made these
Decor, I got from various retail stores in Cape Town
Linen, knapkins, Vintage teacups, plates and cake stands my own.

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